Lighting design is important on every project and CCL Marine offers a range of lighting services including low location lighting, specialised lighting solutions, and architectural lighting services.

The highly experienced team at CCL Marine can create a bespoke lighting solution for your project that meets all the client requirements, whilst also producing the best result possible.

Low Location Lighting

CCL Marine offers a range of low location lighting solutions such as guide lights, emergency signs, and LED strips. We have worked on both new build and refurbishment projects where old low location lighting systems needed to be modified and updated to modern standards.

Our team of highly skilled engineers provides low location services including:

  • Installation of PSUs on welded supports
  • Installation of profiles
  • Installation of secondary cabling
  • Installation of strips
  • Commissioning
  • Photo luminescent LLL installation
  • Testing and measurement.

Specialised Lighting Solutions

CCL Marine offers an extensive customisable range of lighting solutions that can bring any piece of art or structure to life. Using the very latest in modern technology CCL Marine can add functionality and precise unique lighting solutions tailored to meet the client’s needs. This includes stylish illumination of indoor and outdoor areas.

Our lighting solutions include:

  • House lighting.
  • Cabin, corridors, and public space lighting, (Halogen replacement).
  • Accent lighting
  • Artwork lighting
  • LED specialist, RGB, Dynamic, and neon lights replacements.
  • Chandeliers, artwork, dynamic LED chandeliers, and bespoke light fixtures.
  • Sound and Light installations.
  • We source materials with a hand full of companies such as LUXOCEA, HELLA, HAPPICH, FLOS, and CHELSOM to supply the ideal lighting solution.

Architectural Lighting Specialists

CCL Marine are architectural lighting specialists, designing and supplying top-quality products such as chandlers and lamps. The team at CCL Marine can supply a custom lighting package for your project. We can accommodate a range of products from large-scale feature lighting to simple low location lighting solutions. 

Some examples of our work include:

  • Pendants
  • Wall lights
  • Floor and table lights
  • In-ground lights
  • Linear lights
  • Track lighting systems
  • LED strip lights
  • LED signage